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Amazon’s Product Search Algorithm

Amazon’s product search algorithm is completely different from Google’s. When a buyer searches for a product on Amazon, results are delivered through a two-step process. Firstly, they pull relevant results from their catalogue and then they rank them according to relevancy.

Amazon wants to maximise revenue per customer. They continually evaluate their algorithms “using human judgments, programmatic analysis, key business metrics and performance metrics”.

Pillars of the A9 Algorithm

Amazon has three equally important ranking factors:

  1. Conversion rate – Factors that Amazon has found to have an effect on conversion rates including reviews, image quality and prices. It’s vital for sellers to keep their prices competitive to maintain a good Amazon conversion rate. This is just one of the ways repricing software can help your Amazon business.
  2. Relevancy – Factors that tell A9 when to consider your product page for a search result. To rank higher, your product needs to be relevant.
  3. Customer satisfaction and retention – Factors that aid customer retention including Amazon seller feedback and order defect rate (ODR). Make customers happy and they’ll keep coming back. The more positive seller feedback and good reviews you get, the more likely it is that you’ll win the sale.

Conversion rate factors

1. Sales rank
Sales rank (also known as the Amazon Best Sellers Rank) is one of the most important ranking factors. More sales = higher rankings and higher ranking = more sales!

2. Customer reviews
The number of product reviews you receive and the quality of these reviews are important ranking factors.

3. Answered questions
Answered questions are listed at the top of the product page and play an important part in conversions.

4. Image size and quality
Sellers should follow Amazon’s image guidelines to ensure their listings are not suppressed. By using high-quality images of a minimum of 1,000 x 1,000 pixels you can enable the zoom feature which allows buyers to see your products in more detail.

5. Price
As well as being one of the most important Buy Box factors, the price of your products also strongly influences conversion rates and sales. Learn more about Amazon Buy Box eligibility.

6. Parent-child products
By using Amazon’s parent-child product functionality you’ll direct customers to a single product page. This will help maximise your customer reviews. Learn more about parent-child relationships.

7. Time on page and bounce rate
The amount of time a customer spends of your listing will show Amazon how interested customers are in your product.

8. Product listing completeness
The more complete your product listing is, the better. Try to complete every single field in the listing setup page.


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